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Summary of Research Interests

Tailoring light-matter interaction at the nanometer scale is in the central of nanophotonics and nanoplasmonics, with the ultimate goal of fully control of light. Surface plasmons (SPs) are collective oscillations of free charges in metals. The use of the deep-subwavelength characteristic associated with SPs is one major way to beat the diffraction limit to achieve really ‘nano’-photonics. After a rapid development in the past decade, plasmonics is now covering a broad range of braches, including surface enhanced Raman spectroscopies (SERS), plasmonic waveguides, nonlinear plasmonics, quantum plasmonics, optical antenna, biological sensing, medical therapy, plasmon enhanced catalysis, etc. 

The Xu research group mainly focus on the electromagnetic and chemical effect on SERS, the properties of surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) on one-dimensional nanowires and their application in on-chip functionalized optic devices. We are also interested in fabrication plasmonic materials from both top-down and bottom-up approaches, the integration of plasmonic materials with other fancy materials like 2D materials, topological superconductors and insulators.

Research interests includes the following areas (click to learn more):

Nano Optoelectronic Devices

Surface Enhanced Spectroscopies

Nanofabrication & Chemical Synthesis

2D materials & Topological Superconductors